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3 Ultra Easy Home Heating Savings Tips

Well, Canada, I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the last few days have really reminded me that summer is over. We’re getting a bit of rain in Vancouver (surprising, right?) and the temperature is starting to drop a little.

While I bet we have some more summer weather hiding under those clouds, it is definitely time to start looking at home heating strategies that will save you bucks over the year! Here we go with some smart spender tips that will keep your house warm and your wallet nicely padded:

1. Use it when you need it

While the temps are starting to drop, for me, it’s not heater time yet. Just because it’s a lot cooler than it was two weeks ago, doesn’t mean that you need to crank the heater at night.

2. Check your windows, seal the deal

Think back and I’m sure you can hear your father saying, ‘I’m not paying to heat the outdoors! Close that window!’ Sorry, Dad! Check for open doors, windows, and cracks in your sealant. A can of caulking is cheap from the hardware store – and can save you a bundle in lost heat over the years.

Also, if you’re heating your house, with a window open to level out the temperature to something reasonable… you’re doing it wrong.

3. You look better in a sweater

Dress for the season! There’s no need to keep your house at a balmy 29 degrees when it’s winter outside. Throw on a bit of wool and embrace the Canadian winter!

Have any other heat-saving tips for Mogo readers? Hit us up and let us know!

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