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Save $10 in 10 Min: Cut $10 From Your Next Sports Night

At the end of any given month, a few extra bucks always help out – so here is another quick tip from Mogo that will only use 10 minutes of your time to save you at least $10. We all know that staying home to watch the game can save big bucks over hitting the arena or sports bar, but here are 4 more ways to save $10 with your butt on the couch!

Cook for the crew instead of ordering in

Making a pot of chili or lighting up the BBQ is a great, cheap way to feed the fellas. Canned ingredients for chili or hot dogs are a great way to fill up on Sunday afternoons and are much easier on your wallet than calling your favorite delivery company.

Get rid of the channels you don’t need

So you feel like you have a million channels without anything on? Cut a few channels. I made sure to get extra channels on my cable package because I’m a big sports fan – but I was also able to cut a few that I don’t watch to make up for it. There’s no sense paying for what you don’t use. A lot of people don’t know that you can cut channels to save cash; try it out!

BYOB, guys

There’s nothing wrong with asking your buddies to bring their own beer when you’re hosting. Booze for an entire hockey game or football Sunday can get pricey – so let your friends pack their own. Just supply the ice and the fridge.

Stick to your plan and stay in

If you’re like me, sometimes you plan on staying in, so you stock up on gear. But then after an afternoon of games and beers, there are other friends sending you a text or call from the local sports bar. Avoid the temptation for another time and you’ll save even more!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?