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MogoPerks One Under Party!

The perks of being a Mogo Member are pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves – as you can clearly see in this video from our party at One/Under that we had last month. As proponents of the “don’t quit your daydream” lifestyle,  Mogo arranged for a fabulous night of golfing fun at One Under in Vancouver for our members – whom we love so much! From fun photo booths for those model moments (with our MogoCard props, of course) with your friends, to taking a big swing at the $50,000 hole-in-one shot, to the complimentary beer, pizza and charcuterie that was being served, this event produced countless smiles.  Every attendee also left with a Mogo swag bag full of delightful goodies from Postmark Brewing, Later Magazine, and One Under. If you didn’t make it out to this event, do not fret! There’s plenty more where that came from. Mogo is throwing their very first Toronto #MogoPerks event on Thursday, April 30th! They’ve teamed up with Kastor & Pollux to bring MogoMembers an exclusive party featuring cult accessories brand No Fun Press – filled to the brim with free booze, free pizza, music, giveaways, art installations

A Man’s Guide to the Best Spots in Toronto

For most of us Torontonians, hibernating until the flowers bloom is a rite of passage. But what if you’re tired of waiting for mild temperatures and want to see what the city has to offer right now? Well, you are in luck!  Before you start bundling up, take a second and check out my guide of the best spots in Toronto for all of you guys out there. 1. BATL Axe Throwing** **Address: **33 Villiers Street & 213 Sterling Rd If you have ever been a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” movies or secretly always wanted to become a lumberjack, yielding an axe has definitely crossed your mind. Recognising a void for this unique thrill, Matt Wilson took this idea and ran with it. In 2006 he created BATL, a space where men and women can get the sensation of throwing axes. If you are having doubts, Wilson’s motto is “everyone wants to throw an axe, they just don’t know it yet!” For more information visit: 2. Mankind Grooming Studio **Address: **477 Richmond Street West & 212 Eglinton Avenue East Whether you’re looking to update your appearance or just want to be

Toronto's best comic book stores (and maybe Canada's)

The evergreen comic book has managed to thrive thanks to the subculture of enthusiasts who carry from one generation to another the urban mythology of Gotham city or spawn fantastical new heroes and villains. Toronto has always been a haven for the comically minded, made even more popular by the exploits of Scott Pilgrim. Tucked in inconspicuous nooks and crannies, the comic book stores of Toronto are some of the best in the world. The Beguiling Books and Art: This magical store is owned by Peter Birkemoe whose personal touch is what makes it so special. The large range of unusual titles is one of The Beguiling’s most attractive features. The store is clean and well-appointed and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. You can find The Beguiling at 601 Markham Street. The Silver Snail: This is a centrally located store which is more mainstream than its eclectic sidekicks. The Silver Snail has an impressive selection including action figures and manga. You can find the Silver Snail at 321 Yonge Street. Excalibur Comics: was established in 1987 and is tucked away in its original location near the old Kingsway Cinema. The founder Robert Chin still rocks the counter in

Get the drama: Toronto's best musicals this year

Summer time is musical time in Toronto and this year sees a return to the classics. Book your tickets at the Mirvish Theater to catch these heat-stopping, feet tapping spectaculars. West Side Story: 8 May to 3 June 2012 The musical Romeo and Juliet is a classic story of love in complex world. The score by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim features a collection of classic hits including ‘Tonight,’ ‘America,’ ‘Maria,’ ‘I Feel Pretty’ and ‘Somewhere’. Add to this extraordinary, Tony-winning choreography by Jerome Robbins and legendary direction from Mr. Laurents; West Side Story provides a spectacular night of fun, drama and music to remember. Rent: 15 May to 3 June 2012 Rent is a classic tale of young artists struggling to survive in the big city. Through their struggle, they find their voices and give the performance of a lifetime. This incredible event is brought to you by the graduating class of Sheridans College’s prestigious Music Theatre Performance Program. Directed by Lezlie Wade with music directed by Bob Foster and choreographed by Marc Kimelman. Bring it On: 2 May to 3 June 2012 Appealing to a younger crowd, Bring it On is the story of two cheerleading squads

A look at the best dog parks in the City of Toronto

Toronto is a dog friendly city and now that spring has sprung, owners and their best friends are making the most of the warm weather. If you have a dog in the city, there are tons of really great dog parks for you to choose from. Here Spot can be seen running, playing and generally being a good boy. Off leash areas mean dogs can romp with wild abandon while owners take a well deserved rest. High Park The grand daddy of all parks, High Park has a large fenced-in section set aside for dog owners. The dog park includes a large wooded area, a small stream and an off-leash play area with picnic tables where owners can sit. This dog park is really busy, so there’s always someone for your dog to play with. There is a tap for drinking water in the play area. Cherry Beach This picturesque park on the lakeshore is perfect for an afternoon stroll. It’s completely fenced in, has restrooms and benches for owners as well as convenient parking. The park can be found at the bottom of Cherry Street and is open 24 hours a day. Coronation Park 711 Lakeshore Boulevard