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Fun Money Friday: Win the Remora and simplify your everyday carry

When I’m leaving the house (or waking up after a night on the town), I always pat down my pockets to make sure I’ve got The Big Three (cell phone, wallet, keys). But what if there was a way to combine your iPhone and wallet into one simple package?

Answer? The best thing to happen to my pockets since the fanny pack. The Remora wallet case for iPhone.

What is it?

For those of you that love simplicity, the Remora wallet case for iPhone (models are compatible 5 & 5s) is a sleek clip-on protective case for your phone that also holds your important cards (Mogo Prepaid Visa Card & ID) and some cash.

From Remora:

• Carries up to two cards plus cash.
• Hidden, flexible catch safely hold cards.
• Protects screen when set face-down on a surface.
• Full access to all buttons/ports.
• No camera flash bleed.
• Incredibly slim with unique thin two-corner design.

How do I win it?
Just click through to our Fun Money Friday Sweepstakes page, enter, and away you go!

Check out the video for a full view at the awesomeness:

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?