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Fun Money Friday: Win ThermaCell Rechargeable Foot Warmers

West Coast aside, it’s been cooooooold out this winter. Tighten up your winter warmth game from the feet up – and get some technology on your (under) side.

ThermaCell Rechargeable Foot Warmers bring a whole new dimension to the fight against winter chill. These wireless, rechargeable heating units are insoles that slip into the bottom of your favourite boots or shoes.

Use the handy remote (it looks like a car fob) to fine tune your warmth experience. For instance, if you’re out shovelling and the wind chill starts to creep up, just hit the “High” button and send your toes on a tropical vacation. Had to head inside for a hot cocoa? Just hit the “No Heat” button to keep comfortable.

Get 5 hours of use from every charge – and the ThermaCell site rates them for up to 500 charges. These have much less environmental impact than the disposable models, and user reviews tell us that they work much better.

Some Amazon user reviews:

I bought these as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He is an electrician that is constantly outside in freezing conditions. He used them during the polar vortex, and was the only warm person on the job site. Definitely worth every penny!

The insoles work great! I would recommend them to anyone who has issues keeping their feet warm and the remote is nice.

I bought this for my husband to wear for duck hunting in Ohio. Even with the wind chill below zero, he says his feet are nice and warm…definitely worth the money!

Ready to win them?

Head to the Fun Money Friday section of our Facebook profile to enter! These winter busters could be yours for free!

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What are you looking for?