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Fun Money Friday – Win a Year of Shaving!

Now that November is quickly coming to a close (certainly to the delight of your Mo’vember-distressed girlfriend) it’s time to get rid of the facial hair and give her poor face a break already.  In her mind, 30 days of rough is very deserving of 365 days of smooth – and she’s got some pretty serious beard-burns to prove it, regardless of how accustomed you’ve become to your wiry fur.


In honour of all of the women who’ve had to endure Movember in their domestic place of romance, we’re giving away an entire year of shaving so you can make up for any harm done. Harry’s Year of Shaving is a clever arrangement that will kick your ass back into clean-shaven masculinity. No excuses or procrastination, you can say goodbye to your pet beaver immediately – Harry’s gift of shaving comes with everything you need to get shaven now: a razor handle, three blades, and some foaming gel for any newly acquired sub-fur tenderness.

With a gift card redeemable for a year’s worth of shaving necessities, there won’t be any excusing yourself from her demands for smoothness. Get online for reasons she’ll approve of, order your shaving necessities, and have them delivered to your door for the rest of the year.

A shave worth giving is also a shave worth winning. Here’s how you can win a year of shaving with Harry’s:

1 Fill out the form here

2 Like our Facebook page or Instagram page

3 LIKE and SHARE this post to your Facebook account or Instagramaccount (extra points for doing both!)

4 TAG at least 3 friends in the comments of the post

Good luck!

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What are you looking for?