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#MogoLife : Our Interview with fashion designer Rimpy Sahota

Rimpy Sahota - In the name of keeping “on trend,” we got together with Rimpy Sahota, a Vancouver-based fashion designer and influencer in the world of style. Hailing from a background of buying and designing for well known clothing lines like Lululemon and Dynamite, Rimpy has traveled and lived long term in eastern Canadian cities like Montreal while remaining a West Coast dweller at heart. And most recently with the launch of her clothing line, we can add Rimpy to the list of impactful Vancouver entrepreneurs.
What’s your everyday fashion advice: black or color?
I can’t choose just one because fashion is never any one given color. It would always depend on the mood, season, and how you’re feeling at the moment. As the sun rises, one may be feeling a little dark for the day and then by sunset could change their mood completely, throwing on something bright and colorful to emanate that shift in emotion. In my opinion, as long as you feel like yourself, everything goes!

As long as you feel like yourself, everything goes!

Where do you envision yourself being 5 years from now?
Honestly? I envision myself sitting in my very own fashion house in Vancouver with multiple strands of pearls around my neck – and of course being a strong contributor to the Canadian fashion scene! I really hope to have a partnership with a non-profit organization in place alongside my business to help women who’ve suffered emotional and physical abuse. I think fashion can have such a huge impact and bring positivity into women’s lives; that’s the direction I see my clothing line going.


Is there a particular fashion designer who you draw some of your inspiration from?
There’s a combination of some key designers who I absolutely adore for their unique styles. I definitely find inspiration in the beauty of Ellie Saab, the historical trends of Coco Chanel, and the raw darkness of Alexander McQueen.
What’s your “do more spend less” tip for fashion lovers?
In order to make your dollar go a long way, I always recommend investing in quality, staple pieces that will last you a lifetime. Instead of buying a ton of quantity for a low price, opt for quality items that will provide you with long-term satisfaction – and ultimately end up saving you money!


Rimpy’s holiday collection was just released, follow her on instagram @RimpySahota for updates!

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What are you looking for?