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Getting Ready for Christmas 2011

No, that’s not a misprint. This season is the perfect time to think about saving some cash for next year.

As you roll through this holiday season, think about making some purchases that will save you money in the long run. When you keep your eyes out for these deals, you will have a little extra for savings or holiday splurges.

Bulk Up

If you buy 3 rolls of wrapping paper, do you get 1 free? Wrapping paper, bows, cardstock and tape aren’t going to expire. If you have some space to keep them, it’s always worthwhile grabbing a few extras to tide you over for the next season.

You can also use the bulk process with friends and family as well. Everyone getting together for the holidays? Use the same paper. My sister and I have a tradition of wrapping presents together on Christmas Eve (because we’re usually last-minute shoppers). Because of this, I’ll usually pick up paper, she’ll get gift bags and we split the costs.

Recycle, Not Re-gift

Whenever I receive a present in a gift bag, it’s like getting 2 gifts. I take the gift bag and slide it into a folder/box in the closet. It’s ready to use for the next time I need to give a present. This type of re-gifting is ok.

If someone gets back a gift bag a year later, it’s kind of funny – or not even noticed. I can’t say the same about a tie, crockpot or fruitcake!

Get it Out of Season

January offers some of the biggest holiday savings opportunities of the year. Get great deals (even on bulk stuff) on wrapping paper, bows and decorations. Think of it like buying Halloween candy on November 1st. The product is still good, but the immediate value for stores isn’t.

These savvy savings moves will wind up right under the tree – whether it’s this year, or next.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?