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Save $100 in 10 Minutes:

It’s gift giving time and we’re all working our way through our naughty-and-nice lists. Here is a great online shopping tip that may take less than 10 minutes and save you well over $100.

If you are new to online shopping, this is a tip that will save you a ton of cash and time this holiday season.

Head over to used to lag behind the .com American version of the site. For years it was books only, but the .ca version of the web’s biggest online seller is all grown up.

Great Deals

Amazon used to be the best place online to buy books, and now it’s the best place online for:



Movies & TV Shows


Home & Garden



Video Games

Sports & Outdoors

And more!

Expect to pay a fraction of retail price across the board. Until today (December 2), they’re running some really great Black Friday deals – and I was able to cross off 50% of my Christmas shopping list at 50% of retail pricing.

Because the site is so big (literally the biggest ecommerce site out there) expect to get a ton of feedback and reviews for almost any product you want to buy. Get low prices AND honest reviews? It’s almost too easy.

How is it so cheap?

Amazon pulls together deals and specials from numerous online retailers into one central spot. Use your safe and secure Paypal account to make orders and get free shipping when you spend over $25.

This is a great way to stay inside, get great deals and avoid the holiday shopping crowds. And we won’t even tell anyone how much you saved!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?