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How to Save Over $10 in 10 Min on Gas in The US

As you’ve probably heard, the Canadian Loonie is doing better than ever. The buck has hit a 4-year high and is currently trading at about $1.04-$1.05 $USD. That gives us Canucks some great purchase power.

Because of taxes, transportation and pricing, filling up at the pumps is usually quite a bit cheaper south of the border. If you’re close, then this is a great way to save some bucks on a fill-up.

I live in Vancouver – so trips down to Washington State are a pretty regular occurrence for me. Now that the dollar is strengthening, it gives me even more reason to head down, catch a Mariners game, and stay for a cheap weekend.

One thing I’m always sure to do before I head back is to fill up the gas tank of my car. Gas is usually cheaper across the line and that is just more relevant now than ever. When you’re planning your trips south, try and stay conscious of the gas in your tank.

If you have enough in the tank to (safely and easily) get across the border (seriously, consider lineups, stops, etc – nobody wants to help push you through the Peace Arch Crossing) then worry about filling up when you get there.

Drive as you will, see the sights, and take advantage of our strong buck.

Last weekend, I was in Seattle to meet up with some friends and to take in the city. On my way back, I stopped briefly and filled up my tank – it was $15 less than doing so in Canada and wasn’t out of my way at all. This is one of our easiest tips ever: do what you usually do, while saving money doing it.

There are plenty of other savings options on shopping and duty free items on your American travels – just be sure you’re within the guidelines of safe and legal duty-purchase limits.


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What are you looking for?