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#MogoLife interview: Meet Melissa Bolduc – fashion designer for every body

Ladyboss and Canadian clothing designer Melissa Bolduc is the brains behind Melow, her ‘accessible and comfortable’ fashion line based out of Montreal. We sat down with the inspiring entrepreneur to find out more about what inspires her, what keeps her hustlin’, and what Adulting advice she has for all of us.

Melissa Bolduc – Ladyboss and designer at Melow
So...what’s your company all about?

Melissa: At Melow, we are all about feeling good in your clothes no matter your size, shape or age. Our clothes are designed to adjust to any body shape, and to ensure this, we always do two fittings: one on a small-fit model and one on a larger-fit model. By doing this, we know our clothes will fit seamlessly on all body shapes.

What made you decide to be an entrepreneur instead of joining another fashion brand?

Melissa: I have always been an entrepreneur in some way. I used to sell flowers and raspberries on the side of our cottage road as a kid. When I was teenager, I began making jewelry and dream catchers that I sold at festivals and in various stores. At 20, I started making figure skating dresses that I would sell in figure skating clubs. When I graduated from fashion school in Vancouver, I came to Montréal to work for a fashion brand. However, [fashion] jobs were rare back then, so I started Ecliptic Design, which was a figure skating clothing company, and Melow at the same time in 2007. It sort of happened naturally for me - I did what I could and when the opportunity came for me to open a store on St-Denis St in Montréal, I took it.

How would you like to see fashion evolve in the next years?

Melissa: I would like to see fashion evolve towards comfort and self-acceptance. I think that people need to wear what looks good on them, which is why I would like to see fashion brands showcase their clothing on women of all sizes.

What’s your process when you start designing?

Melissa: I find an inspiration, then I start with the colour palette and the fabric, and then focus on the styles.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Melissa: A lot from history books, art, and sometimes movies.

Which designers do you look up to?

Melissa: I am inspired by Japanese designers like Yoji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe and also Belgian designers like Martin Margiela.

What’s your #1 Adulting tip?

Melissa: Go to bed early, I think this is why I can achieve so much in a day. I sleep!


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