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It’s That Time of Year…to Start Your Christmas Savings

I guess we probably should have told you about this earlier, but the December holiday season is right around the corner. If you haven’t started saving for it, now is definitely the time.

Any savings you can make ahead of time can really help out with your holiday budgeting. For me, it always seems like the cost of presents, holiday parties, flights and even wrapping paper come out of the blue.

We’ve said it before (and I’m sure we’ll say it again) more planning with your money will make things easier later. This doesn’t mean setting up crazy budgets and accounting for every cent of your cash – simply make a few smart decisions now and reap the benefits for important things.

Save Slowly, Spent Smartly

Do you have an extra $40 each month? If you can save that during the entire year, you will have $480 after 12 months. That seems like a lot of money for December, and not a lot of money each month – that’s a no brainer.

With most online bank accounts you can even take the hard work out of it and automate the process. Each month, when you get paid, you can automatically transfer the money to a different account (your December Expense Account).

Use that cash for all the unexpected purchases that come with the holiday season – and not even notice the expenses. Now that is a holiday miracle.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?