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Mo’ for Movember: Fast Track Your Moustache Growth

Looking to grow mo’ moustache for Movemeber?

Check out our growing tips below for the fast track to ‘stache.


Your Moustache is Only as Good as Your Diet

Well, as it turns out, you aren’t only what you eat but so is your moustache. That’s right: what you put in your body can actually have a direct effect on the coarseness and overall fabulousness of your moustache! But don’t worry, the dietary road to a shiny and luscious display of facial hair is pretty easy to follow: omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and biotin.


**Omega 3 fatty acids? **This you can accomplish by eating foods that also happen to be high in proteins like chicken and fish (particularly salmon). Salmon, which we know you love to throw on the grill already, also happens to come along with some beneficial vitamin D. Score!

**Vitamin C? **If you dislike oranges (the fruit) or orange pills (the vitamin C tablet) you’re in luck. As it turns out, there’s 5.5 times as much vitamin C in yellow peppers than there is in the fruit named after the color. Who knew!

**Biotin? **Biotin is another essential for a beautiful, fast-growing moustache. It can be found in eggs, particularly in the egg yolk. Crack one directly into your mouth like a man, or go the old-fashioned route and ask your lady nicely to turn on the stove. PS. egg whites can actually block the absorption of biotin when mixed with egg yolks – opt for sunny side up over scrambled.

Supplement for Dietary Commitment-Phobes


If you’re a commitment-phobe when it comes to changes in your diet, don’t worry – you can always just opt for a moustache growth supplement like VitaBeard. Feed your beard, or moustache, quite literally with this supplement, which includes all the nutrition you’ll need to rock a good one this Movember. This is also said to minimize the pre-awesome, mid-growth itch.

Strategize In The Mirror


Though incessantly checking your upper lip for signs of success likely won’t alter the pace of your moustache growth, there are *some *strategies you can undertake in front of the mirror that might.

If you find yourself frustrated at a slow start, don’t succumb to the urge to pull out the razor. Contrary to popular belief, shaving won’t thicken, even, or actualize a moustache any faster. Also try cleansing your upper lip area a few times a week to unclog your pores and revitalize your hair follicles!


Once your moustache becomes a reality, be sure to pick up special moustache comb like Big Red No 7 Beard Combs sold at JD’s Barber Shop in Gastown, Vancouver.


Style Your Proud Possession

Be sure to keep your moustache looking its best throughout the month of Movember: style it with a product specified for your upper lip warmer like Lucky Tiger Mustache Wax. Or if you’re a Vancouverite, stay local and pick up some Tea Tree Mustache Wax at Litchfield in Gastown, Vancouver.


Congratulations on your express moustache growth, and may the month of Movember treat you both with kindness!

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