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Online convenience available with personal loans up to $35,000

At Mogo we’re focused on making personal lending convenient and socially responsible no matter what your personal situation or need.  As part of that vision, we've introduced our latest product, MogoLiquid.

MogoLiquid – The Idea

We live in an internet world where whatever you need is just a few clicks away, yet that level of convenience has been missing with traditional personal loans. Up until now if someone needed access to a personal loan at rates that were comparable or lower than some credit cards, their only option was the bank or credit union.

Now without ever having to visit a branch or wait in line, you can apply and see if you qualify for a personal loan up to $35,000 with rates starting as low as 5.9% (up to 45.9%). On average it takes 3 minutes to complete our simple application form AND it will not impact your credit score!

Product Evolution

•MogoLiquid has completed its beta phasing and since being added to our loan portfolio, has proved popular.

•We are committed to making it the best we can, so will continue to iterate and improve the product through user insights and by listening to our customers' feedback.

•We also aim to bring new features and benefits to the product.

•Typical timing between approvals and funding will be about 3 to 4 days. Our goal is to shorten this to within 24 hours.

•Instantly find out if you qualify and what your rate will be by completing our general application for credit.


•You may also be approved for any of our other products including our short term loans, and if so, will have immediate access if you so choose. In addition you will also have access to our free prepaid Visa card with no monthly fee.

•If you are an existing customer, we will pro-actively identify whether you are eligible for MogoLiquid through our Level Up program and will contact you should that be the case.

Frequently asked questions

What provinces is MogoLiquid available in?
Currently only in BC, AB and ON. We’ll continue to consider new provinces as our ultimate goal is to make Mogo available across Canada.
If I’m not approved for MogoLiquid is there any other way to get it?
With our exclusive Level Up program, you can potentially work your way up from our other products over time with good payment history. We will advise you on eligibility.
Are there any penalties for paying off early?
You can make additional payments on any scheduled payment date or pay the entire balance in full at any time without any penalties or additional fees. Important note: we ask that you call or email us at least 3 business days before your scheduled payment date to let us know how much additional principal you would like to pay or to get the final balance owing on your account.
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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?