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Popular Community Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

Tune up your inner Rosetta Stone, because if you want to fit in with these groups you better talk the talk, tweet the tweet and feel the burn.


Spittin’ the slang with this chain gang will get you much further than a spandex outfit.

A rider who parties too hard the night before a big race and is having trouble keeping up with the pace of the race.  A shelled rider will expend all of their energy at the beginning of the race and have nothing left for the finishing sprint and may even abandon the race altogether.

**“Man, I better call it quits after this pint or I”ll be completely shelled for the race tomorrow.


Origination from the nickname of a famous Latin American cyclist, to “pep” is to carelessly cross a small body of water on one’s bike, in order to cut corners on a voyage.


“If I get there and I’m not feeling it, I’m totally going to pep that creek and get out early.”


A rider who wins a race “on bread and water” has won the race reliant on good training and diet, and with no advantage of dope.

“I won the primary on bread and water but I don’t think I can say the same for this upcoming monster race.”

Whether you’re the new intern or a budding entrepreneur, knowing the market speak will be your first rung on the startup ladder.



A disruption coming from a startup means that startup is treading new water, introducing an innovation or technology that “disrupts” an existing idea of a market.

“Reincarnation is really going to disrupt the coffin business.”


The act of a startup sensing a snag and immediately changing direction in it’s strategy.

“After their fart-locator app proved unreliable, the millennial software company made a quick pivot to a dating site for those with irritable bowels.”


A small glossary to decode the instagrams of the fit cult when they’re not just breaking down their diet nutrients.

hiitdefAn enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic bursts with less-intense recovery periods. Basically, push it until you can’t take it anymore and then, relax.

“It might look like I’m watching Youtube videos instead of working out, but really I’m just in the recovery stage of my HIIT.



A component of technical fitness fabrics that moves sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric to be evaporated.

“Wow, these moisture wicking underpants are exactly what I needed for wrestling.”


Your new vocabulary is not complete without us teaching you a few money buzzwords.



Obviously this is the name of our awesome company but we had to set the record straight on it’s meaning.  Despite what Instagram Hashtags say, in our world, it doesn’t mean #maxoutorgetout, it means Money on the Go.

Dude- my frenchie got into my protein powder leaving me with a vet fee of $800! Thanks to Mogo and their Mini loan, I got the money quickly and paid it off quickly so no lasting debt -sucka!


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