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Random Acts of Pastel <3s Mogo

Meet Alyssa, blogging alias: Random Acts of Pastel (RAOP). Fresh out of Journalism school, she was getting jaded fast by the click-driven, advertising-fuelled industry. So, she found a new creative outlet: painting everyday objects in Toronto pastel colours to brighten things up.


But the real reason we’re featuring Alyssa today is because she did something amazing. She just got rid of all her credit card debt! How? Well, she’s the perfect example of how to use Mogo to get out of debt.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of her smart financial choices:


From potentially neverending debt to the smarter kind of debt

"I went from borrowing on a credit card that could be dangerous and take me forever to pay back to a loan with scheduled payments that would get me out of debt in a few years."

She made a game plan

"They sent me a monthly snapshot showing my progress, which essentially turned the whole experience into a much less stressful game of sorts. In the end I was feeling so motivated about getting out of debt that I made extra payments to my loan (penalty free) and ended up paying it all out!"


"And what became of my old credit card? Mogo didn’t make me cut up my credit card or melt it in lava, but instead they taught me how to use it more strategically if I did want to keep the account open.[Mogo’s] Financial Fitness Coach Chantel told me to set up my account to automatically pay my internet and music subscription bills with my credit card, and then automatically pay the same amount off of the credit card every month with my bank account, so I’d be covering what I was spending almost immediately and earning good credit points at the same time. Brilliant, right?"

Get the full run-down on The Random Acts of Pastel blog here!


Ditch your debt faster.


It won't impact your credit score.

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What are you looking for?