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Save $10 in 10 Minutes: Examine Your Grocery Bill

We all spend money on groceries, and eating at home (instead of dining out) is a great way to save cash each month. But can we optimize our grocery experience to save that extra bit of cash now, for more fun later? Let’s check it out.

Being financially savvy isn’t rocket science. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of research, planning and you’ll be saving cash in no time. Taking a 5-10 minute look at your grocery bill will save you at least $10, if not more.

The Check Out

Shop as you normally would – go ahead and get your standard groceries. When you’re done, hold onto the receipt. After getting home, sit down and look at what you bought. See where you spent the majority of your cash. Does anything jump out at you as too expensive or more than you thought?  Chances are, you are going to be surprised with at least some of the pricing and where your cash went.

Shop Around

Do you consistently purchase similar groceries each week? Try the same grocery order at a different grocery store or market. Again, take a few minutes to check out the bill and see where your cash is actually going.

You should be able to identify some opportunities to save. When I did this, I saw that grocery store #1 was better for meats/cereals, and store #2 was way cheaper for fruit and veggies. They’re on the same block so I’m able to split up my trips each week and save about $15/shopping trip.

I get the groceries that I want and the savings that I love.

Try it out and let us know.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?