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St. Patrick’s Day is Coming: Save Some Green

Whether you’re going to celebrate with green oatmeal, green beer or green salad, you’ve definitely got a chance to save some cash this St. Patrick’s Day – or any day of the year.

If you’re anything like me, St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse to meet up with a few friends for a few pints*. This can definitely be an expensive exercise if you don’t do a bit of pre-planning. Here’s a few tips to cut down on those expenses while still having a good time out:

Have a Budget

I know when I go out, my budget gets a little looser after I’ve had a seasonal beverage or two. To combat this, I will only bring a few things with me: my ID, the cash I’m comfortable spending and my bus pass. That way, when I’m out of cash, I’m out of luck and it’s time to go home. The temptation of the credit or debit card can be easy to succumb to, so avoid it by not bringing it!

Eat Before You Go

In addition to having a hearty base in your stomach, a good meal at home can really cut down on your costs when going out. This way, you can have a few drinks and snacks instead of a full scale meal of bangers, mash and debt.

Just have fun

Hitting the town on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out to drink. Meet up with some friends, have some fun and be smart about your spending. Use it as a good excuse to hang out with friends and family – and have a good time.

Big plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Hit the comments and let us know!

  • just one or two, honey. I swear…


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