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Fun Money Friday: Win the JBL Pulse Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This Fun Money Friday, Mogo customers have the chance to walk away with the amazing JBL Pulse Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This speaker brings huge sound in a small package. It’s easy to take anywhere – and won’t put your back out if you want to kick it old school and pack it on your shoulder. LED lights ‘pulse’ along with the beat of your music – giving you 5 hours (with lights on) or 10 hours (no lights) of music playback on a single charge. The JBL unit also pairs with any of your favourite Apple devices by way of the JBL MusicFlow App. Connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready for a dance party anywhere. I want it! How can I win?! **Head over to the Fun Money Friday** section of Mogo’s Facebook Page and submit your details through the simple form. Follow the instructions and away you go! More Details from JBL: The JBL Pulse speaker delivers unrivaled JBL sound via Bluetooth wireless for the music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Experience clear, room-filling sound thanks to high-performance drivers and a built-in bass port—all in a portable size you can take anywhere. And for

The Canadian News Stories that Blew Our Minds in 2013 - Pics & Videos

From whales, to hockey, to alleged drunken crack smoking stupors, 2013 had it all. Here are some of the stories and pictures that really got everyone talking through the year. Rogers Takes the NHL from TSN NHL 12 years, $5.2Billion – it might just be the most impressive hockey contract of all time. It’s the deal that landed Rogers Sportsnet the exclusive TV rights to show the NHL for the next dozen years. Get ready for a different sports landscape as this changes next year. But don’t worry, Hockey Night in Canada will still live on, on CBC for the time being. Killer Whale Rescue Produces an Impressive Shot January 8th, Northern Quebec. This picture captured a truly great rescue story in Inukjuak, as a trapped pod of killer whales broke free to breath. Following these images, reports of the whales’ safety were confirmed. The Fog in Vancouver While it wasn’t an impressive news story of survival, or huge significance,  that week in October produced some spectacular images of Vancouver shrouded in fog. Check out our favourite one above. Alberta Flooding Our hearts go out to the victims of the June

Artist Series: Q+A with Michael Mateyko of Komboh

Our newest Mogo Card offering comes straight from the brilliant minds at Komboh – an art/design collective that has hit the pages of The New Yorker, Popular Mechanics, McDonalds, The Polaris Music Prize and much more. As you can see from their version of our Prepaid Visa Cards, they bring a modern edge and a really strong aesthetic. We had a chance to sit down with them to get to know more about the project and the artists. Q+A with Michael Mateyko of Komboh How did you get started as a designer/illustrator? I was originally an engineering student; I eventually realized that I was spending more time drawing than studying. I wrestled with the idea of being an art school kid for a while and eventually went for it. After 4 grueling years I emerged from my protective cocoon an almost fully formed illustrator / designer. What is Komboh? Komboh is the umbrella brand that I formed with my good pal Hans Thiessen to serve as a face for our freelance business, portfolio, and art collective. We sometimes use it as a platform to self publish our work or just put out bulletins, too. It’s a heavy bureaucratic

Ultimate Gamer Gear from Mogo - Free XBOX ONE & PS4

The holidays are just around the corner, and that might mean your disposable funds are tied up in travel, gifts, and dry cleaning the Santa suit you haven’t worn since last year’s office Christmas Party fiasco. Those expenses add up, and that means you might not have been able to afford either of the newest Next-Gen Gaming Consoles that hit the shelves this year: Microsoft’s XBOX ONE and Sony’s PS4. You have seen the specs, heard the fanboys rave/argue, and wished upon a falling star that just one of them might find their way onto your entertainment console. Win a XBOX ONE and a PS4! That’s right – we want to giveaway both of these fine devices, and you’re eligible to win. To enter, here’s what you have to do: Like Us on Facebook Fill out the short form (supply your name & email) Win the random draw Game ’til you can’t game no more Who can enter? Anyone in Canada, except Quebec (désolé, mon ami). Keep both, give one to a friend, do whatever you want – they will be yours! It’s better than a Red Rider BB gun, and there

What Can You Get For Less than $5?

The battle for our bucks out there is never ending. If you’re like me, it can feel like everything you want to buy comes with a lot of digits at the register. But, if you look a little deeper, you can find some steals. Like the title suggests, here are some top picks for what you can get for less than $5. And what’s $5? It’s a blue piece of paper with some little kids playing hockey on the back of it. Trade that for some random fun stuff Top 5 Buys Under $5 [![](/content/images/2015/04/fake_facebook_girl_friend.png)]([ ]( Fake Facebook Girlfriend This exists! Get two weeks of wall posts from ‘your girlfriend’. She totally lives out of town, but what a babe! Impress your friends (and enemies), and maybe get your mom off your back about meeting her friend’s daughter. [![](/content/images/2015/04/get_drawn_as_simpsons_character.png)]([ ]( ### Get Drawn as a Simpsons Character D’oh! It’s time to get Springfield-ified. Spend that $5 for a new profile