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MogoPerks: Retro Gamer Crate Giveaway

Remember the retro days when all you needed were a couple of buttons to get you through a day in your virtual world? Oh the good old days. Luigi was always a pal, Yoshi was the shit, and Princess Peach… oh sweet nostalgia! These were the days before streaming services and gaming consoles that double as a Netflix portal. These were the simple days of Pop Rocks, Jaw Busters, and Pez. But don’t get too caught up in your painful memories – we’re giving away a makeshift time machine to take you back to your retro living room in your mother’s basement suite where all the action happened – just so long as you promise not to bring back that mushroom cut and denim-on-denim disaster you used to rock so hard. The Retro Gamer Crate comes to our modern-day rescue and takes us back to the good old days with all the right necessities: a Retro-Bit NES Console (easy-to-operate controllers included), 2 classic Nintendo games (randomly selected for your pleasure), and a full suite of sugar intoxication to keep you focused on the duck hunt – or whatever game you were so lucky to receive. We know it hails from

MogoPerks One Under Party!

The perks of being a Mogo Member are pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves – as you can clearly see in this video from our party at One/Under that we had last month. As proponents of the “don’t quit your daydream” lifestyle,  Mogo arranged for a fabulous night of golfing fun at One Under in Vancouver for our members – whom we love so much! From fun photo booths for those model moments (with our MogoCard props, of course) with your friends, to taking a big swing at the $50,000 hole-in-one shot, to the complimentary beer, pizza and charcuterie that was being served, this event produced countless smiles.  Every attendee also left with a Mogo swag bag full of delightful goodies from Postmark Brewing, Later Magazine, and One Under. If you didn’t make it out to this event, do not fret! There’s plenty more where that came from. Mogo is throwing their very first Toronto #MogoPerks event on Thursday, April 30th! They’ve teamed up with Kastor & Pollux to bring MogoMembers an exclusive party featuring cult accessories brand No Fun Press – filled to the brim with free booze, free pizza, music, giveaways, art installations

Mogo Perks Necomimi Ears Giveaway

Have you ever wished you could be your lazy cat for just one day? Have you ever dreamed of a world where your girlfriend’s emotions were more easily decipherable? Wish and dream no more! Necomimi Ears have brought these unrealistic fantasies into the real world with their fuzzy, cat-like ears that might also help you to determine whether it’s a good time to broach the subject of a boys’ trip to Vegas with your girl. **We reviewed the ears with our friends Kastor & Pollux. Check out the video here: *Warning – video includes: vomit, baby wipes, and brain waves. Full Bean Boozled Challenge video here. Necomimi is by far the cutest neuro communication machine we’ve ever seen, which is why we’re giving away a pair to one lucky Mogo Member this week. If you have no idea what that means, we can’t blame you. This fuzzy accessory is basically a retina display giving the world a play-by-play of your ever-changing emotions. They’re ears that read your mind. Simply put on these ears and attach the sensors to your head. When your brainwaves flow, the ears move in accordance with your emotions. Concentrating? Your ears