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Save $100 In 10 Minutes: Grocery Shopping That Actually Saves

This Save $100 in 10 Minutes tip takes 10 minutes of planning and then the usual amount of time it takes to grocery shop. If you’re like me, you know what you like to cook and eat… but when you get to the grocery store your mind is as blank as your 10th grade History test in a nightmare. I walk around, picking up random stuff and have no idea what to cook when I get home and it’s time for dinner. To combat this I started figuring out what I cook/eat on a regular basis (the plan) and what elements of it can be bought in bulk (the savings). Anything that is non-perishable is a great opportunity for long-term savings on groceries. What do I cook? One example: I always cook pasta with some basic ingredients: garlic, diced tomatoes, olives and vegetables – it’s quick, healthy and cheap. Instead of running out to get a single tin of each of those items, I realized I could make a one-time large purchase of all of the items in bulk and wind up saving a bundle. When buying a flat of diced tomato cans (12 cans for $4.

Save Money By Hiding It In Your House… Sort of

A few weeks back, we talked about Saving Money By Hiding it in Front of Your Fa ce and a lot of you thought the concept worked, but I know it’s not for everybody. That’s why I wanted to show you a similar savings idea, using an opposite technique. While the first example used cash, this technique involves your credit cards. If you want to escape the cycle of credit card debt, sometimes you will need to use unorthodox methods to break your bad habits of carrying – and using – your credit cards. How to Do It Take your credit card(s) and put them into a box/envelope/financial chastity belt. When they’re out of your wallet, they’re out of your reach. When you decide you need to use one of your cards for a legitimate reason, you go to the box, take it out and use it. Following that, you put it back. It’s really that simple. Why it Works This principle works because it adds an extra layer of thought and reflection to the purchase you are about to make. You can add another level to this by leaving yourself a note on

10 Easy Ways To Relax For Less Than $20

We asked the Mogo Savings Community how they relax for less than $20 for  chance to win a spa retreat. We randomly selected Nancy C. Laurence as the winner of a $150 gift certificate to a local spa. Below are just 10 of 130+ responses we got on how people relieve their stress! 1. “2 words KIT KAT all i do is buy myself a jumbo sized kit kat bar and sit back and give myself a break.” – Robbie A. 2. “I relax by sitting on the riverbank with my fishing rod and a six- pack. A fishing trip for exactly $12.40!” – Serena D. 3. “Go to the beach with my air mattress and read a book on the lake.” – Sandra S. 4. “For under $20 , I can rent a movie, buy a bottle of wine and light 10 candles, and have a good night.” – Patty G. 5. “One word….hammock!” – Leo S. 6. “I put $20.00 in my gas tank and take a drive out into the country!” – Andrea W. 7. “Turn off the tv and computer, put on some good music and just breathe…” – Tracey N. 8. “Lay back with a good book and some smooth

5 Romantic Ideas That Don’t Cost Anything!

Romance can be expensive, there’s no denying it. Dinner, movies, gifts, the cost adds up. Then again, when you don’t make the effort, your relationship suffers, no? Here are five totally free ways to spice up your relationship. Your sweetie will thank you! 1)     Massages – Chances are you have some oil lying around the house, but even if you don’t a massage is a sure-fire romance enhancer. Set aside some time to be alone together with your love, and give them the royal treatment. If you don’t know how to give a massage, you can pick up some tips here. 2)    ** Take over the chores** – Ok so this one might not seem romantic at first glance, but trust me, it’s one of the kindest, best things you can do for your loved one. If your sweetie usually takes out the trash, washes the dishes or cleans the bathrooms, try picking up the slack for just one day. Then, grab one of your favorite movies and suggest that since the chores are done you spend some time together. Or just cuddle up in bed and go from there. 3)     **Write a letter **– Taking the time to

Cheap and Easy School Savings!

If sending the kids back to school is causing you a ton of stress worrying about all those school expenses, then here are some ideas to help you prepare for the expenses and save yourself some money in the process. 1)     The school envelope – Grab an envelope and start stashing money in it. This is your emergency backup for the times that you forget to pack a lunch or withdraw the lunch money. It’s also a life-saver when your child appears the morning of a field trip with a permission slip and a need for cash. 2)     Ask the school about financial assistance programs – Ok, so it can be a bit embarrassing to ask for reduced tuition, lunch waivers or fee waivers, but if you qualify, why not do it? Use the money that you save to provide for your family in other ways – rather than padding your pride. Been there, done that. 3)     Talk to your child’s teachers – Ask them what expenses to plan for. How many field trips will your child take this year? What opportunities will be available to your child later in the year? Teachers plan for these things well in advance and they