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iPhone 5 - Hit or Hype?

Well, by now you’ve heard and seen all there is to hear and see about the iPhone 5, right? That is, everything beyond trying it for yourself, yes? If you’re an Apple freak like me, you’ve likely been waiting for this for a little while. A lot is riding on this one, mostly because it’s the first true post-Steve Jobs (RIP) product, and because it felt like it was time for something radical to happen to it. Here’s where I admit that even though I am an Apple freak, I am still using the iPhone 4. I’d love to upgrade, but I don’t really have the scrilla to do so just yet. And while the iPhone 5 might be the leap forward on this, I’m not sure. Why am I not sure? Well, even though I trust Apple implicitly, I have been hearing some waves of dissent from the masses, waves I haven’t heard since the 3G antenna debacle. Is this dissatisfaction all because the King has died? Are people worried about what decisions might be made in his absence? Hard to tell. So far, I’ve heard that the new

Football brings light to developing countries

Innovative students at Harvard University have found a new and innovative way to put to good use the energy expended when playing football. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in developing countries. These areas have two things in common; a lack of electricity and a need for soccer balls. Lack of electricity often hampers the studying of potential of students in developing countries. Once the sun goes down, few households can afford the electricity or fuel required to leave lights on for students to study. Now an amazing new concept may provide them with soccer balls that are actually a source of electricity. The innovative foursome has found a way to save the energy produced when a soccer ball is kicked. Their new ‘Soccket ball’ is an amazing concept. According to their website: “Using an induction coil fitted into the center of its construction, the Soccket contains a magnet, which rapidly oscillates when the ball is in motion. This oscillation powers a motor, and the electricity is stored in an on-board battery. An AC Adaptor is fitted behind one the panels of the Soccket, allowing a multitude of appliances to be powered in such

The new, superfast microchip: Why We Should Care

These days, tech news stories are a dime a dozen and it’s easy to stop thinking that amazing technological advancements are anything to sneeze about. I admit I’m just as ho-hum about most of these stories when I see them (with the exception of Apple products…I know, I know). But this recent CTV News story about the new super-fast microchip stopped me. Faster computers, who cares, right? Wrong. Because this is not just about your home computer being faster, it’s about quantum engineering. I admit I don’t really fully understand quantum mechanics, or really quantum anything (except maybe Quantum Leap…great show! Bad joke!), but if this super-fast chip performs as well as scientists think it could solve equations at a rate so fast that it might actually be able to reach semi-sentient status. They think, too, that the chip might be able to handle formulas in such a way that it would, essentially, be able to invent things: pharmaceuticals or machinery. Seriously. Think about what that means! We might be able to cure cancer…with a microchip. That’s crazy. Sure, your iPhone can tell you what poisin ivy looks like…but can it

Social media etiquette: how to keep your nose clean online

The advent of social media has changed the very fabric of communication. All this new information we have access to can become overwhelming if not managed properly. This new form of interacting is in its infancy and users are just beginning to find their feet. This means that there are no hard and fast rules about interaction, but there are things that universally annoy. If your social media account is not enriching your life, you can easily change your setting to make the experience more enjoyable. You can limit input from friends whose posts are not adding to your social media experience so that your wall is filled with great content that you enjoy reading. Too much information: Limit friends who post too often about the banal. Sharing is great and yes, you do want to hear about their day, but avoid those who share minor details that you wouldn’t waste a phone call on. Soapboxing: Having the occasional rant can be cathartic, but limit those who bombard you with a continuous stream of negativity. If your friends have had a bad day, friends and family members can really help to raise their spirits, but they should use this

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