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Toronto's best comic book stores (and maybe Canada's)

The evergreen comic book has managed to thrive thanks to the subculture of enthusiasts who carry from one generation to another the urban mythology of Gotham city or spawn fantastical new heroes and villains. Toronto has always been a haven for the comically minded, made even more popular by the exploits of Scott Pilgrim. Tucked in inconspicuous nooks and crannies, the comic book stores of Toronto are some of the best in the world.

The Beguiling Books and Art: This magical store is owned by Peter Birkemoe whose personal touch is what makes it so special. The large range of unusual titles is one of The Beguiling’s most attractive features. The store is clean and well-appointed and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. You can find The Beguiling at 601 Markham Street.

The Silver Snail: This is a centrally located store which is more mainstream than its eclectic sidekicks. The Silver Snail has an impressive selection including action figures and manga. You can find the Silver Snail at 321 Yonge Street.

Excalibur Comics: was established in 1987 and is tucked away in its original location near the old Kingsway Cinema. The founder Robert Chin still rocks the counter in the expanded store at 3030 Bloor Street West.

Paradise Comics: This store prides itself as being one of the largest purveyors of graphic novels and comics the city has to offer. Its labyrinthine interior carries everything from popular titles to the more obscure. It was at Paradise Comics that Toronto Comic Con was born and it still plays a large role in fan-based events. Become a member to avail yourself of their member discounts.

The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery: This interesting concept store not only has a smashing selection of comics and graphic novels; it also provides a haven for the comic book fan. Reading rooms, animation workshops and a café seek to create a community of fans and artists. Owners Sean Menard and Kevin Boyd aim to bring comic books back and hope their cosy store will help promote and inspire local talent.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?