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Congratulations to our fourth (and final) bitcoin contest winner!

Congratulations to Rob R. from Maple Ridge, BC for claiming our fourth and final bitcoin prize valued at $9128.56 at the time of draw! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our bitcoin contest. To those of you who didn’t win, don’t despair. Our bitcoin contest may now be over, but MogoCrypto has just begun. Your MogoCrypto invite is on its way We’ve officially started rolling out MogoCrypto invites! As a MogoMember, you’re already on the list to receive an invite (and if you’re not

MogoCrypto is here (and what it's all about)

It’s official! We’re currently rolling out invites to MogoCrypto [], an easy way to buy and sell bitcoin in Canada. Be sure to sign up [] for a free MogoAccount to get on our invite list for MogoCrypto. For the average Canadian, owning bitcoin can be complicated, frustrating, and costly. You have to deal with companies that may not be around tomorrow. It can be difficult to sell your cryptocurrency holdings and withdraw Canadian dollars —

Congratulations to our third bitcoin contest winner!

Congratulations to Candice S. from Sparwood, BC for taking home our third bitcoin contest prize, worth a total of $13,499.98 at the time of the draw. Our final bitcoin contest winner has just been drawn, so stay tuned to find out who the lucky winner is. We’re rolling out early access invites to MogoCrypto soon We’re so stoked that MogoCrypto [] will soon be live to MogoMembers on our invite list (see how you can get on our invite list below)! We know how compli

Congratulations to our second bitcoin contest winner!

We’re back at it again with our bitcoin contest draw! Ashley S. from Mono, ON was the lucky MogoMember who took home the prize of one bitcoin, worth a whopping $12,012 CAD at the time of the draw. You could be our next bitcoin winner We’re halfway into our bitcoin contest, and have 2 more bitcoins up for grabs. In case you haven’t heard, we’re giving away 1 bitcoin every month until March 2018 to celebrate our upcoming bitcoin account. Soon, you’ll be able to buy and sell bitcoin easily with

Monitor your finances to protect against identity fraud

Protect your passwords. Shield the PIN pad while using an ABM. Sounds familiar? When it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft, are these enough? Time for a reality check — in our digital world, no one can really prevent identity theft. We enjoy the convenience of services like Uber, Amazon, Netflix and Airbnb, but we’re exposing also ourselves to greater risk for identity theft and identity fraud. Time for a reality check Even if you don’t have any online activity, but only h