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Save $10 in 10 Minutes: 5 Tips For Better Gas Mileage

Any time you hit the pumps with your vehicle, one thing crosses your mind: “Oh man, how much is it going to be this time?”

As the price of fuel continues to jump, budget conscious smart spenders (like the ones who read this blog) need to do all they can to maximize their mileage. Here are 5 tips (that take less than 10 minutes to do) that will easily save you $10 this month at the pumps.

**1. **Small Car? Keep your weight down

No – we’re not talking about that extra donut in the morning, but we’re talking about the loads you carry in your car. Excess roof racks, bike racks, canoes can make your car heavier and less aerodynamic. That excess weight and wind make your car work harder (which uses up more fuel).

2. Check your air filter

Do you remember the last time you checked or replaced your air filter? Experts recommend changing it up every 5000km. An overly dirty one can use up 10% more fuel in any given tank – which can really add up. For about $20 at any quick oil change place, you can get 10% more from your tank.

3. Under pressure (tires)

Monitor your tire pressure. While you’re at the gas station, check the air pressure against the recommended levels printed on the side of the tires. Uneven levels, or lower than recommended decrease your fuel efficiency. Make it right!

4. Stick to regular

Unless you’re driving a high-performance car, stick to regular fuel. It’s cheaper and it’s probably what is recommended for your vehicle. This one’s a no-brainer for me.

5. Stay close to the speed limit

Excess speeds are not only more dangerous, but they’re more expensive as well. While going 10km/hour above the speed limit isn’t going to drastically lower your travel time, it can start slowly eating up your gas bill.

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