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Save $10 in 10 Minutes: Turn Down The Heat

I can almost see it! Spring is coming and it’s time to get out of winter mode! We’re getting through a long Canadian winter and it’s time to lower our costs. Summer utilities are always cheaper than winter ones – but it’s important to break your winter spending habits as early as you can to maximize your savings.

I’m not telling you to ‘save money by totally turning off the heat! Bundle up with a toque, sweater and gloves inside!’. That’s foolish; you’ve got to be comfortable. But as the temperature heats up outside, you can gradually start lowering the thermostat. You can really make an impact during the day when you’re out at work – warmer temps outside make it easier to heat up your home after letting it cool during the day.

You won’t even notice the few degrees you drop, but those numbers are going to start affecting the bottom line of your heating bill.

During the day you can also do things like keep your blinds closed and be sure your windows are tightly shut. Keep the cool spring air out, and all that heat in – it’s important during winter, too, but essentially if you want to keep the heat down.

This is just another small savings tip that will help you cut your costs, save a few bucks – all with minimal effort. Saving cash can be easy and rewarding. It’s that snowball effect … get it rolling before the snow is gone, and reap the benefits when the season starts to change.


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What are you looking for?