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5 Awesome School Lunches your Kids will Love

It’s back to school time (for some) and you know that you can save a bunch by making your own school lunches, but your kids refuse to go through another term of your not-so-famous P&B sandwiches. Now you can spice up their lunchboxes, give them healthier options and save yourself some cash with these awesome school lunch ideas. Bento Box Susanyuen Borrow this great idea from Japan and give your kids a selection of fun treats to choose from. Place a burger bun filled with healthy greens, mayo and sandwich meat in the center of their lunch boxes. Put four or five cupcake papers around the bun and fill them with berries, cherry tomatoes, cheese squares, nuts and other snacks. Having a selection of healthy, fun treats will make lunch far more interesting. Breadstick in a Blanket Cut a breadstick to fit into the lunchbox. Lay a piece of sandwich ham or turkey roll on the counter with the breadstick in the center. Add tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce and other greens. Roll the ham up and secure with a toothpick. Fruit fondue Fill a skewer with pieces of fruit. Add a tub

The Four Best Hot Dog Joints in Canada Revealed!

Street meat. Tube steak. Whatever name you call it, there’s no denying that hot dogs are one of the world’s all-time greatest inventions. Think about it: it’s a quick and easy lunch that you can eat on the go, and it’s wallet-friendly to boot. In anticipation of National Hot Dog Day on July 23, we are hosting a hot dog “happy hour” in four cities across the country this Saturday, July 19. We’ll be giving away free dogs from Mogo’s favourite hot dog joints to the first 50 people who show up at the spots listed below – just show your Mogo card or give us your email address. Hot diggity dog! Toronto — Craft Dogs At Craft, gourmet dogs are where it’s at. These dogs get the fancy-schmancy treatment, with each one made by hand the old-fashioned way. Whether you want a taste of the traditional (opt for the Coney Carny) or something more unusual like the Spicy Thai dog topped with green curry, we promise that Craft will make your stomach swoon with delight. Time: 1pm – 3pm 95 King Street East Ottawa — Big D’s Dog House One of Ottawa’s top food

Warm Up Your Mits With Canada’s 7 Hottest Food Trucks From Coast to Coast

There’s no doubt that the food truck scene across Canada is on and poppin’ even during the winter season. With drool-worthy options from T.O. to the West Coast, you can warm up those frozen fingers with a hot and cheap meal that lets you keep your cash in your pockets – which we of all people know is a beautiful thing! Toronto Let’s Be Frank If you’re anything like us, every now and then you get an inexplicable craving for meat in tube form. Nothing to be ashamed of…we say embrace it! The perfect place to do just that is Let’s Be Frank, a hot dog truck with mind-blowing mashups offering hot eats perfect for the cold winter days in T.O. We’re partial to the deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Tijuana Danger Dog ourselves. The best part? All dawgs are under $9! Last reported location: Sony Centre, 1 Front St, E, Toronto Kal & Mooy Ever tried Somalian food? Neither had we, until we discovered Kal & Mooy. Serving up East African street food, this T-Dot truck on the rise makes a killer chicken wrap from puffed Somali flatbread. Pop by for an affordable bite to

3 Nutritious family meals for under $10

Fast food restaurants are slated to be cheaper than cooking at home, but with a little imagination and culinary wizardry, it’s possible to create nutritious, tasty family meals for under $10. These meals contain fewer trans fats and calories and are more nutritious than you’ll get at the drive through. Bubble and Squeak This is an old English classic that can turn just about any leftovers into something awesome. You can use leftover meat and vegetables from last night’s meal or start from scratch with new ingredients. Make a pot of mashed potatoes. Add the leftovers or some sliced cabbage and onions. Season with salt and pepper and add a cup of grated cheese. Now spoon some of the mixture into a heated, oiled pan. Press down to make little patties. Serve hot. Fish Cakes This is a great recipe, especially for young kids. It’s easy peasy to make and you can make extra fish cakes for freezing. Cut a pound of potatoes into small squares and boil. Mash the potatoes and add a can of salmon. Be sure to remove any bones. Add salt and pepper to taste and form the mixture into eight separate

How to infuse your own vodka

Do you ever have one of those culinary experiences you can’t forget? Like, months and years later you’re still remembering a taste, smell, what the room looked like? I had one of those last summer, and it led me to my new obsession: infusing my own vodka. The wife and I were on vacation with friends in Tofino, BC. First of all, I totally recommend Tofino if you haven’t been there. I tried and definitely failed at surfing, but the good food and the beauty of the surroundings was enough to sell me on the place for life. If you go in the off season, say Spring or Fall, or even Winter if you’re brave, you’ll also get great deals, as we did. It was chilly and Springtime, but the beach was still amazing, and the sun still shone most of our visit. Great stuff. But most importantly, on the third day we visited a local restaurant whose name I forget—it’s a main one though, sorry guys!—and sampled my customary drink of choice, the Caesar. This time, though, when I ordered, the waitress asked me a life-changing question: “Do you want it