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The Ideal Girl Gift Guide

Much as I don’t want to admit it, guys and gals do have different wants when it comes to the holiday season. There’s always overlap—you can’t count on us both wanting the newest gadget, most likely—but in general ladies have a wishlist that’s going to look different from the dude one.

Let the record show: I’m no girly girl, so if that’s who you’re shopping for you may want to look elsewhere. I feel I’m a nice mix of feminine and practical, and so are most of my female friends, so the lady in your life probably is, too.

Here’s my list of desired gifts for 2011. Just send them care of Mogo, okay?

1. Kindle or Kobo E-Reader

I’m a voracious reader, but I’m also a book lover. Not just reading books, but interacting with them—feeling the pages, smelling that faint musty library book smell—so I never truly got on board the e-book train. Until now, after having tried one out at a store and having it recommended by Mogo’s own Alan, and my sister. I want the old school one, though. No touch screen, dagnabbit!

2. Spa Me, Baby

Going to the spa (see my earlier post) is awesome, but costly and, for busy women like myself a luxury we don’t often budget time or money for. As a result, we may argue out loud that going to the spa is a “waste of time” and “for girly girls.” Don’t listen to us—we want to go, we just want to be given a gift certificate for it. I’m partial to the massage, facial and manicure, myself.

3. Thomas Haas Chocolate Truffles

I can hear you now, feminist friends. “Another overdone, stereotypical female Christmas gift: chocolate.” And? Your point is? It’s CHOCOLATE, guys.

4. A big box o’ something to watch/listen to

It’s been years since I’ve bought a DVD box set of a TV show or a CD set of an artist I like. Truth is, I rarely (if ever)handle actual DVDs or CDs anymore. I’m sure you’re the same way. However, if someone gave me a huge box set of something I loved for Christmas, I’d be totally excited. Par ejemplo: This year, the entire series of Law & Order has been released on DVD (104 discs!); the newly restored, 70th anniversary edition of Citizen Kane is also on DVD (with crazy extras); and—favourite alert—the newly remastered, multi-disc edition of the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls includes a book, vinyl, and 10 unreleased songs. Yes please!

5. Something unique

If you’re dealing with the significant other lady on your list, this one rings especially true (though sisters and moms will appreciate it, too). Get her something unexpected. It sounds easier than it is, believe me. Having the wherewithal to remember that time back in July when she talked about wanting to take the train from Vancouver to Portland, stopping at the Michelin starred restaurants (to use a completely random and not-at-all specific to me example)? The fact that her yoga bag string keeps breaking? Her stress levels at work? Take that all in and act accordingly. Actions speak louder than gifts—sometimes, being the knight in shining armour and rescuing her from real life is what she needs. Go to Portland, wordlessly replace her yoga bag, and scoop her up for a delicious, fancy lunch once in awhile. Do this all the time, guys, not just at the holidays.

Happy gifting!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?