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5 FREE Online Services That Are So Good You Should Pay for Them (But Don’t Have To)!

One of the best ways of saving money is by not spending it. With all the free services out there, you can keep some extra cash in your pocket and get a ton of value at the same time. Consider a monthly cost like your Internet connection. You are already paying for it, so why not get the most value out of it that you can? Saving money while having a good time is all about maximizing your purchases.

Check out these free online services that will make your life easier and cheaper:


Almost any email account is free, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything but the best. The engineers at Google have put together a mail product that gives you nearly unlimited storage and search power through your emails.

You never need to delete emails (unless they’re incriminating!), your contacts are automatically saved, and a great chat feature is built right in. Think of Gmail as your own personal assistant – who doesn’t take a salary.


Hmm… Communication seems to be a bit of a theme today. Connecting with family and friends is a great part of life, but sometimes those mobile phone bills and roaming charges can easily add up. Use Voice-Over-IP technology (talking on the Internet) to reach your friends with Skype accounts for free.

Audio and video chat are available after a 2minute download/setup. Calls from one Skype account to another are 100% free, and calls from Skype to phone lines literally cost pennies/second. That’s a lot better than gas station calling cards, long distance charges or super expensive carrier pigeons.

iTunes Music Store

Now hold on… something free from a store? Are you serious? Yep. Most people have iTunes on their computer for their less-than-legal music collection, but a quick trip through Apple’s music store will reward you with a ton of freebies.

The free Single of the Week is a great way to stay on top of the latest music trends and there are literally thousands of hours of free audio and video podcasts to entertain you.

Social Media

Everyone and their mom has a Facebook account, so I’m not really telling you anything new here, but have you considered the value you can take away from Facebook? Play games, connect with friends, share photos, and post embarrassing status updates at 1am. When you think of the money you pay for other ‘entertainment purchases’ Facebook is a steal.

Throw in Twitter, Google’s various products and whatever new application explodes next week and you have unlimited access to free information, people and ideas.

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