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Boxing Day Blowouts – Keep Your Wallet in Check

December is the season to give gifts and share time with your loved ones, but lets be honest – after Christmas there are a ton of deals to be had and you can get what you really wanted.

Boxing Day sales have become a highlight of the shopping calendar – and it’s your job to make sure that while you’re out there getting deals, you’re not actually setting yourself back more than you wanted to.

Set the Budget

Did you get a department store gift card, a bit of cash from your aunt, or some store credit from returning that nice sweater from Grandma? Before you hit the insanity of Boxing Day sales, know how much you want to shell out for your own personal gifts. Sure, there are things we’d all like to pick ourselves up, but if it doesn’t fall within the budget you shouldn’t really get it.

We’ve said it before – but if it’s not a sale on something you’d actually need/want you aren’t really saving money. You’re just spending it.

Do Your Research

If you’re after a TV, gaming system, clothes or anything, be sure you do your research. A simple check online, or a walk around the mall could reveal the same item or a similar one for less cash. Stores compete for your business, so take a little bit of time to find the deal you want.

Online deals will be plentiful during the week between Christmas and New Year, so you might not even need to brave the crowds. Stick around at home, enjoy a hot chocolate and wait for the express shipping!

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?